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COMING SOON by Usagiko-JOvi

Looks like I'll be moving to Canada sooner than I thought. This thing was supposed to be liek next year but the embassy approved our request last month. So we have to move out as soon as possible.
Me and my family will be going to the airport on June 26, 2014, which is also why we are still fixing our things to bring but at least we packed our boxes within the required weight and size.

It's something Smile  except for the fact that my computer is already in the boxes. I can't draw even though I have my tablet in hand huhuhuhuhu, plus I don't feel like drawing on paper erk

Let's just hope that everything will turn out fine as we move in. It will take some time until I am fully adjusted to this new environment that I will soon be in.
So, now, I am informing you, my fellow watchers, that I will not be active for a while, except for a few journal entries to see how I am doing. And also, please be notified that I will not do any requests and trades until further notice.

Let's stick towards the bright side. All this drama is getting to me.
At least there's a farewell party on June 21, 2014. Maybe all my friends will come and we can watch The Fault in Our Stars while weeping like morons on our last day together. XD
If they have the effin' download for this movie. I haven't even watched it yet so yeah, why not?

BONUS: My best friend / WATTPAD AUTHOR, NicAthena, will give me a free copy of her story Kidnapped to be Married so that I can advertise read it while on the plane. Yeah...I have the series of Divergent (I wanted to read the series first before the movie duh) but I want to read something else while on the 12 hour-ish plane ride. I wonder what's the jet lag like>

I don't mean to be spoiler-ish or anything The Fault in Our Stars really that depressing that you will cry? Should I read the book first? XD

UPDATE: (6.25.14)
  • THE FLIGHT IS NOW TOMORROW. I AM SO CRAY CRAY DX ARRRGH good luck to me :iconbruhpertplz: 
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SpinkellaSapphire Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2014
Nuuuu, Ate, why you leaving?? D: 
We didn't even say goodbye >.<
Also, paano na sa La Salle? XD Just curious.
Usagiko-JOvi Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Meh, ewan ko XD besides from the fact that the effin' embassy approved our request so early. -_-
Basta, aalis na kami byebye HAHAHAHAHA joke
But my dad did say that we might return after two years or so. Meh.
Let's stick with that. K? Jordan Emoticon 
SpinkellaSapphire Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2014
Um, okay. :D
Have fun in Canada!
Jack-Sinister Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
hope you have fun in Canada, darling!
((yes it is. You should read the book because it's just so wonderful~! And the movie can
leave out a lot.

GOOD LUCK FRIEND~! :iconsupertighthugplz:
Best wishes!
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