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...Which means I will be REALLY cramped and I won't work on anything (well maybe a bit of doodling, for stress relief) until summer vacay starts.

Llama Emoji-65 (Blink White and Tired) [V3] //deepsigh
Small update on life:
More like endless days of little sleep and eyebags. School is getting hectic and I can't get my hands on my tablet unless it's midnight because of all the things I have to do first for school; so you can imagine the internal struggle that I get every I'm done with homework at around 10 pm (which is actually my bed time).
PS. Sorry if I am not that active here in DeviantArt. But I 've been hanging out in Twitter but mostly Tumblr, since I've been working on some OC stuff for my baby eggling and some SU!PW! AU screenshots and stuff.
Idk anymore I was having some major stress issues at that time so I had to let it all out at some point.
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NamelessProxy Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2015  Student General Artist
I totally understand what you're going through. Finals are not fun.
I wish you good luck. You got this.
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Yinxabell Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh my, good luck with your finals!
I can understand your situation completely.
I've just finished my finals, but I have to take two more oral exams to finaly have my A-level. (my grades differed to much from the grades I had before)
Do your best! <3
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