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Project M involves Mural Painting. Why Mural Painting you wonder?

Well, to start off, my dad asked me to participate in some historical mural project at the Langley Centennial Museum.
It will handled by Peter Tulumello and a very well-known artist named as Alan Wylie. Check out his works. IT'S AWESOME.
But anyways.
Mr. Wylie told me during the interview that I should try and make my style a bit human-ish because, well, this is a HISTORICAL kind of thing.
They don't want anything BIG EYED or something in the side of anime and cartoon in the painting.
I can do that.
I think. Not completely sure, honestly.

I need some tutorials and help in this. ROTG.1 

So starting today, I will be working more on my drawing style so that it will be modified at least.
Which means I will be busy and won't be able to do anything for Project FMO and LILAW.
So sorry about that.
ArtisticJiggy64 Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Sounds interesting. :)
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