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:icontime-moose: :iconfoxxyvillain:

I've been pretty much spending the entire time with my art style in the form of sketches and fanart. Honest. Which is why the whole thing improved, including the way I draw faces and stuff, so our thing will look so much better and dynamic. But I haven't started chapter 1 though, sorry about that, because, one; it's hard to begin the story, two; I've got school and choir stuff so it's hard to continue it and think, and three; I've got other projects to do, so LILAW will be TERRIBLY slow in its process. Emphasis on the TERRIBLY.
Then I've got a thing with my sis on Friday, then choir and painting on the weekend, so I REALLY MEAN IT WHEN I SAY TERRIBLY.

But if you want to contact me directly, use my business email:

Oh, and what do you think of the cover so far?
Comments are very much needed to make this thing good for all of us.
Time-Moose Featured By Owner May 7, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
I LOVE IT!!!! I'm completely fine that this is taking so long, because, well...we kind of have to find a new person to help with the script now. ^^' FoxxyVillain will still be credited though, because of her excellent hard work. And as for the pocket watch! It's perfect, just put an engraving of 'DSM' in the center! Simple or fancy font, I don't care! Otherwise, I love the chain, I love the flowers, I love the blood. Heads up! You're gonna need to practise more on how to draw blood, food, cars (including British police cars), rain (maybe), fire, snow falling, and dead bodies (obviously). So practise as much as you like. :icondrwhothumbsupplz: You got this!
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